Things to know about balance bikes?

The most important things about balance bikes

  1. What is a balance bike?
  2. What is the best age for toddlers to ride a balance bike?
  3. Where do they put their feet?
  4. To which age kids may ride the bike?

Things to know about bikes

What is a balance bike?

This is  a great toy without pedals that teaches kids as young as 18-months to balance on two wheels. After a short learning period, kids  and toddlers jump and coast on their bikes with no assistance from their parents. Balance bikes are primarly replacement for tricycles and training wheels, as they are designed to be used during the years and years that a kid would typically ride a tricycle or use training wheels.Skills that they have learned from balance bike riders younger than 3 years, children will be able to easily and quickly move on to the bike without auxiliary wheels. Balance bikes can be driven as regular and can not get stuck on a bumpy road, curbs, grass, snow and even over the stone. They are sometimes called to as strider, glider, run or pedal less bikes .The most well-known balance bike in the US is The Strider balance bike

What is the best age for toddlers to ride a balance bike?

Surely one of the first questions that arise in connection with this bikes is: “With how many years old can my child start to ride a bicycle balances? ”This question doesn’t have bother you, for the reasons that this bikes are intended to toddlers for almost all ages, so some of the best opportunities do not exist,ie. the earliest period that is recommended, by the experts, that the child can begin to ride a bike is 1 year, and for the latest this rule doesn’t exist, because it is considered to be driven by the children aged 7+ years.These amazing wheelers are available in different sizes for each type of age, unlike for a bicycle with training wheels, toddlers immediately can step in to balance bike and start chasing from the first day.

best age for toddlers to ride a balance bike

Typically, kids and toddlers enjoy these bicycles from ages 18 months to 5 years old.Bikes does not come with push bars for adult to help to assist the child, because it serves no purpose for them, and one the biggest advantage of balance bikes is that the all children can drive itself.

Where do they put their feet?

Second question that is maybe the most important, and that the most parents ask is : ,,Where do  they put their feet“ .You do not  need to worry because balance bike do not require a footrest. Kids naturally and instinctively pick up their feet as they are gliding.Where toddler put their feet

To which age kids may ride the bike?

And this is the third question that probably occurs everybody.This question largely depends on in which age child will sit down and start to drive. Kids usually ride this bikes for 2 to 4 years.The earlier they start to drive, the longer they will drive. Most toddlers who fully master balance bikes, move up to a Classic bikes around their 4th birthday.

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