Why wooden bike

Why wood?

Today, wood is the most often used as a primary component in ecological terms. Primarily because it is not harmful to health, it does not release harmful substances, resins and other toxic constituent of, allows the recycling and biodegradability. It belongs to the warm, natural materials and its visual beauty and attractiveness of the indisputable ever since the beginning of time.

bicycles made of wood
Due to its good properties, the possibility of processing and design, final effects and final atmosphere, the tree has historically been the most common material.
Modern attitude of XXI century, based on environmental and social commitment, emphasizes wood as an indispensable material in which we are in.Wood is irreplaceable because of its good physical, mechanical and technical properties. Of course, different interpretations of its properties is still possible wood .Wood is particularly suitable because of its relatively light weight, easy processing and pleasantly warm appearance. Just becase from these facts, given that the tree took root in everyday life, we use this opportunity to present the bike, but not more plain wooden bike for kids, interesting isn’t it?

wood and bike


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