Best choice for first bicycle

Balance bike- great choice for first bicycle

Balance bike- great choice for first bicycle

Discover balance bike – the bike for ages 2-4 years. Lightweight, small, simple, without pedals without auxiliary wheels. For me it was a real discovery. At first I thought it was just another product of fashion and “see me how fashionable i am” trend of young parents, and then I read a little more, and then I read a little more, asked some experts about it and decides it will be my choice.
The biggest drawback of bikes with pedals is the lack of need for balancing.The child will learn quickly how to ride a bike ,but actually everything that is taught is pedaling.What provides the balance of the bike is the development of motor actions and maintain balance. The child need to be able to reach ground freely with the whole feet in ordred to drive bike. 

Kids pushing  bikes

In the beginning  ride goes by the child pushing the bikes until it quickly begins to raise legs and maintains balance.The most suitable place to ride is the path in the park with a good, straight asphalt and really mild descents. Helmet is required!Like all other equipment balance bike also has different variants.Abroad you can choose type of bicycle according to the ground and preferences of parentsSo you can choose the shock absorbers, rubber hardness, shape and type of seats, conformity is a particular field...Diffrent types can be found for eveyones pocket. If you want to amaze your child and if you want to be trendy with the newest toy balance bike is the right choice.

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